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By August 3, 2017Lifestyle
stop smoking

The electronic cigarette is one of the best new products and its been trending worldwide in an instant. Electronic cigarettes have one clear purpose: they were created so smokers would have an alternative to the burning, stench spreading and ash producing conventional cigarette.

Since we try to change our lifestyle, we can’t help much but think of the things you can enjoy after you stop smoking. So we compiled a list of enjoyment you will notice (with the help of our testimonials of course) once you get off those nasty analogs.

10- The effect of tobacco and the smell of smoke will always be left on the hands of smokers. With clean, stain-free, you can confidently lean in to that firm handshake!

9- White teeth like no more tar-stained teeth, no more scaling.  You have no worries to put a big smile and having everyone stare at your stained teeth. You may enjoy smiling and others will smile back at you.

8-Bad hair day? Instead of being told by your significant other that your hair reminds them of a chimney, you will truly have clean, soft and beautiful hair that they love to run their fingers through.

7- Obviously, by smoking tobacco will ruin your complexion. People who smoke tend develop more lines on their faces at an earlier age and will have more wrinkles.

6- You will feel more energetic after you switch to e-cigarettes. Your confidence level totally will raise more and allowing you to make an healthier life such as exercising and easy diet. In return, this lifestyle will give you more energy to do things you’ve always wanted to!

5- Tobacco smoking is the most concentrated form of pollution that impairs the ability to identify smells and taste. Slowly after you stop smoking, you will get back your sense of smell and taste.

4- You will enjoying every moment while watching your favorite tv shows, movie and definitely your live sports game! Reason why? You can just vape the e-cig while watching it without need to step out.

3- Experience the feel of toxins going out from your body after the transition.

2- You will getting more bounding with the people surrounding you especially to those are non-smoker. Past smokers themselves claim that to be repulsed by the smell of smoke, so what other people close to you are thinking?

1- You can save more since you are no need to spend everyday to buy e-cig liquid! A packet of cigarettes can cause a one day meal and the prices continue to rise. The money you are saving will be double up from what you can save previously!


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