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By August 16, 2017Health
vaping vs smoking

Since day one, man has always had fixation on smoking tobacco.
Its been proven today that cigarettes are dangerous to our health but yet we still do it. There’s a list of additives and chemicals founded in present tobacco products.

The history began when an American man named Herbert Gilbert invented the first smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. The idea was to substitute the traditional cigarette to flavored steam or vapor which contains nicotine. It wasn’t work out until 2003 when this product actually hit the market. This happened from the effort of a man named Hon Lik from China who was successfully market the product.

There is no confirmation on whether vaping is not safe or healthy but most people agreed that e-cigarettes much healthier and safer alternative compared to traditional cigarettes. Below are few points on Vape VS Smoke as a guideline for you to made your own decision.


Main factor would be Tar. When touch on smoking issue, there is none present in vapor will produce a thick and toxic byproduct. If you blow cigarette smoke out on white color cloth, it will turn yellow on the spot however vape smoke will remain white. This actually show us on what it may affect to the inside of our lungs.


Costing on vape gear are the reason given by some smokers for not to quit. If we do the calculation, a pack of cigarette may cost about $15 a day. If $15 times by 7 days, the cost are already $105 a week. If smokers save this amount for a week, smokers can afford to get the complete set of vapor.. And the price for the e-juice variety are around $15 and it can be last long for a couple of weeks, depending on how often ou vape and type of juice you buy. Some people are proven wit saving more than $100 a week after switching to e-cigaratte.


Common important point when we talk about e-liquid, we recommended for you to use only trusted companies that produce their liquid in sterile environments no matter which country you are belong to.

Only 4 main ingredients in each bottle of e-juice. The first one is glycerin-an organic element from vegetables.
The second ingredient is Propylene Glycol, a core found in asthma inhalers. Next are food grade flavoring that gave the taste of each e-juice mixture.

There is no confirmation on inhaling effect over a long period time, but till today there is no studies done showing the result of any major adverse for long term side effects.

And the last mixing material is nicotine- although it can be an addiction, but there’s an option to vapors make a choice whether to get an e-juice that has a percentage of nicotine or without it at all.

Researcher found a number of lethal additives in cigarettes which are Hydrogen Cyanide, Carbon Monoxide and Formaldehyde. Recently, there is an article inform on the formation of Formaldehyde in e-liquid are at high temperatures. This study has been protest few times and disputed by scientist that conducted the experiment. The major point of the argument is on vapers would unnecessary need to reach the dangerous temperature in order to get the maximum impact on vaping experience.
By right, nobody are able to deprive the taste of conditions set forth in the experiment.


More than 4,000 chemicals including 43 known cancer -as one of main contributor and other 400 other toxins (nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde , ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT) found in cigarettes. Here the list goes even further.
1- Ammonia : Household Cleaner
2- Arsenic : One of mixture in rat poisons
3- Angelica Root Extract : Known can cause cancer in animals
4- Butane : Gas been used in lighter fluid
5-Benzene : Used for making dyes and synthetic rubber
6-Cyanide : Deadly poison
7-Carbon Monoxide : Poison gas
8-Cadmium : Used in battery
9-DDT : A banned insecticides
10-Ethyl Furoate : Causes liver damage in animals
11-Lead : High doses can cause poisonous
12-Formaldehyde : Durable used in preserve dead specimen and linked to lung cancer
13-Methoprene : Insecticide
14-Naphthalene : Ingredients in deodorant and chemical pesticides
15-Fungicides and pesticides : Cause of many type of cancers and birth defects
16-Cadmium : Linked to lung and prostate cancer
17-Benzene : Linked to leukimia
18-Polominium : Cancer- causing radioactive element


1- Glycerin : Naturally found in vegetables
2- Propylene Glycol : Used in asthma inhalers
3- Food Grade Flavoring : Used in most foods
4- Nicotine : Used as boost/ stimulant


This is a major concern for those want to decide to switch to vaping. Please understand and be educate about the proper usage of the batteries especially when using sub ohm atomizers on mechanical and unregulated mods. Kindly take note that sub ohm tanks should not be used with mechanical mods with hybrid top caps. . Another way to get more information on vape are at forums which you may ask questions about safety and learn from other people’s experience.

If you are using extremely low resistance sub ohm builds with over 50 watts of power, battery safety will probably not a big issue. Proper care must be taken like any lithium battery in order to ensure safe usage of the product similar as other portable electronic devices such as laptops and cellphones. There is no 100% guaranteed on the safety but to be honest vaping are much safer than those deadly cigarettes.

On the long term effects, to be fair, e-cigs have not been long enough in market yet for us to make any conclusions. However, we noticed a fact that from 7 out of 10 people smoke an analog cigarettes will die for various disease.


According to the evidence that have been presented, it’s important to highlight that vaping is an alternative product which is much safer and healthy compared to traditional cigarettes. The trend of this switching is on the fast progress nowadays.
Many of big tobacco companies are also starting make their own electronic cigarettes in a way to compete in a market. This might be an indication as to where the industry is heading. Only time will decide the battle between e-cigarettes vs cigarettes.