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By August 15, 2017Lifestyle, News


According to new research, teens that use e-cigarettes are more inclined to used others product such as cigarettes, cigars and more likely compared to those who did not.

The reason for this research are based on one common things which related to combustible counterparts : nicotine.

Undeniable, the research on this are still going on to determine if this association is merely casual, it is very important to note even though e-cigarettes doesn’t contain tobacco, this battery powered devices do deliver nicotine in aerosol foam.

Says K.Vendrell Rankin, director of Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry’s Tobacco Treatment Services -” Any range of age are expose to nicotine addicted but the effect to adolescents, the stakes are even higher”.

Progress of Brain

Mental health as well as key emotional and cognitive systems are one of most important issue for teens.

Quoted the words from Rankin, professor and associate chair in public health sciences at TAMBCD-” Major cognitive functions and attention performance are in developing process during adolescence.Nicotine will increase the risk of developing a psychiatric disorders and also lasting cognitive impairment and consequently resulting disturbance in working memory and attention”.

“In condition reliance on nicotine to manage negative emotions and situations will impairs development of coping skills”, he added.

Real Addiction?

Nicotine is one of highly addictive item which may affect teens emotion and cognitive development.
The fact is the younger the person bond to nicotine, the more likely they will become addicted and the effect will getting stronger each day.
Referring to American Lung Association, 68 percent of adults began smoking at the age of 18 or younger.

In other words, the younger user attached to nicotine, the more nicotine receptors they will have have if the and the more they will struggle with nicotine cravings throughout their lives.

“Everyone has a certain amount of nicotine receptors in their brain. When they start smoking, vaping or supplying nicotine to them, it will multiply. It wont go away even after you quit smoking or vaping tho.

Even dealing with tobacco-free, non- smell ‘vaping’ are still associated with e-cigarettes and the fact is nicotine are easily escalates into an addiction. This because, nicotine in any form will triggers the release of neurotransmitters such as adrenaline and dopamine, which impacts to body systems. Dopamine will floods the barin and nicotine will increase the cravings.

Flavors (E-Juice) and Public

Rankin says, for better understand on similar association between e-cigarettes and combustible tobacco product that been use among teens, further research should be implement as this matter are been focused as part of study subject -Journal of the American Medical Association by Los Angeles high school students.

Expendables marketing tactics, celebrity supports, variety choices of flavor and plethora of online videos on the instruction on e-cig usage and also e-juice liquid mixture are only added the resurgence between user. Currently, there is no prescribed laws at any country to restrict minors from purchasing e-cigarettes.

Lastly, Rankin added -” I don’t think e-cigarette are going to drop off. This is newest most popular trend and the technology will keep going on update from time to time.