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By August 14, 2017Health, News

A vaporizer usually consists of battery, main console or housing, cartridges, and atomizer or cartomizer. Vaping culture has been throughout for many years, however, the culture took off with the millennial generation dominating market sales only in the year 2014. The biggest advantage to vaping is that e-cigarettes are highly customizable, equivalent to the market of having many different cigarette brands that emits different chemical tastes.

E-cigarette explosions are a hot topic these days. E-cigarette is a device used for inhalation. They filled with a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerin, and nicotine. Most of the e-cigarette devices are powered by a lithium-ion battery, and that’s where the fire danger comes from. In general, lithium-ion batteries cause problems when they’re overheated because of short circuits, or overcharging.

And some of the fault lies with e-cigarette shops and online sellers. They may sell inappropriate products to uneducated new vapers, or not properly explain how to handle the device. When you puff on e-cigarette, a battery power the heating element and turns the chemical solution in the canister into a vapor. Meanwhile, manual e-cigarettes need to press a switch to take a drag.

The FDA has found that e-cigarettes very different in reliability and quality. They didn’t always do what they said on the package. And so, the cases happening are nearly proves that what FDA found was true. Recently there are many cases issued regarding e-cigarette explosion.

Studies found that, nearly 63 e-cigarette explosions cases had happened during use, 84 explosions had happened during charging, 52 explosions of e-cigarette had happened during transport or storage and 44 explosions involved spare batteries for removable battery mods.

Furthermore, regarding to the e-cigarette explosions found, 158 resulted in personal injury, whiles 85 resulted in no reported injuries to people. Based on this fact, it shows that e-cigarette explosions are more likely to cause injury than not. But many of these e-cigarette explosions cases reported have very little to do with e-cigarettes themselves.

Let us recall a few cases about e-cigarette explosions below:

February 2012

According to ABC news in USA, a case was filed in at Florida, regarding a Veteran gets his face disfigured. An e-cigarette exploded when a 57-year-old Vietnam war veteran was enjoying his e-cigarette. This man suffered serious injuries, a few of his teeth knocked out and lost some part of his tongue. Source : http://abcnews.go.com/Health/electric-cigarette-explodes-fla-mans-face/story?id=15645605

September 2013

A news story published on September 2013 tells us about a woman in Grant Park USA, who plugged her e-cigarette to her laptop for charging. After a while, she saw it shooting four-foot flames across her living room. Luckily, she was home when it happened, or she would have lost a lot more than just the burnt carpet she used to unplug the device.

January 2014

While on January 2014, a case regarding e-cigarette exploded and caused severe injuries were reported. A North Carolina man who had worked as a firefighter for 20 years, told Daily News that his e-cigarette exploded in his face, causing severe injuries. Although, he was hospitalized for quite some time, the incident still hurts him as his left eyeball is now extremely sensitive to light and has a hard time seeing out of it.

Lithium-ion batteries fundamentally are exposed to catching fire. While, according to FEMA, 80% of e-cigarette explosions happen during charging. Therefore, there is no denying that the battery is one of the sources of explosive vapors.

March 2015

For example, on March 2015 at Santa Ana, California, A Southern California man experience an e-cigarette explosion while holding the device, resulting in serious injuries. While the cause was believed an overcharged lithium battery have been a contributing factor.

January 2016

Also, there is a video was posted in CBS news in USA, related to e-cigarette batteries catch fire in man’s pocket. A guy who went in a gas station in Kentucky when suddenly his pants pockets burst into flames, and the blame goes to e-cigarette batteries he had in his pocket.

Probably, the spare battery got short-circuit when it encounters with the coins in the pocket and the man suffered with second-degree burns. For more information about this incident , you can refer to: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/e-cigarettes-fire-hazards-lithium-ion-battery-american-vaping-association/

How to prevent e-cigarette explosion?

Prevention is better than cure, doesn’t it? There are some safety and precaution should be taken in concern by e-cigarette users as well as the manufacturers. This unexpected nightmare happened because users are not aware of this safe precaution. Although it cannot fully prevent the explosion, at least reducing the risk of explosion is good enough as the saying goes ‘better than never’.

Firstly, it is very important for e-cigarette users to use the charger specially designed for your battery. After some observations, we get to know that in almost every incident, the user charging the batteries with a charger other than the one specified by the manufacturer. This should be avoided as the e-cigarette battery is considered the main cause of this explosions.

Besides that, store batteries safely and put it in proper place. By referring to the case that happened January 2016, the battery was kept in pant pockets. As a result, the battery got short circuit when it’s in contact with the coins. Pant pockets are not the place to keep your spare batteries. But if you don’t have a case, store the batteries away from each other and away from metallic objects.

Next, instantly remove fully charged batteries from charger. If the batteries are not removed from the charger after they have been fully charged, the batteries will start losing their capacity to hold the charge. This will lead to explosion because of the overflowing electricity. This is why charging batteries while you’re sleeping is highly not recommended.

Weather also can the cause of e-cigarette explosions. So, pay attention to the weather.  Extreme cold and extreme heat can damage a lithium ion battery and once damaged, the battery itself becomes dangerous if the e-cigarette is being used or charged. This is not only increases the chances for explosions, but can also lead to fires.

In addition, the most important matter is buying a quality e-cigarette. A high-quality e-cigarette will decrease the chances of shorting out which potentially leads to explosions or a fire. The cheaper the battery is, the more easier it exposed to the damage from extreme fluctuations in temperature. Other than that, a cheap e-cigarette can cause an explosion with perfectly functional batteries simply because it is a badly made and unsafe device.

Concisely, e-cigarette explosions are not very familiar. But it can happen to anyone as it is an unplanned incident. So, you should take the precautionary measures to ensure you and your property’s safety, and the safety of people around you. If everyone knew how to properly charge and care for their e-cigarettes, there would be far fewer incidents and injuries. This is the responsibility of every vapers.