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By August 7, 2017Health

Obesity is growing at an alarming rate all around us in our society. The apprehension of gaining weight is undeniable for those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. On average, people gained around 5kg in their first year they quit smoking. This is a major factor which puts off many smokers from trying to quit.

Weight gain is no joking matter as weight gain can be harmful to health. What then is the answer? Well, given that smoking tobacco cigarettes has been proven to cause cancer and contribute to a number of nasty diseases, giving up is worth a few extra pounds, particularly as there are other ways to lose weight.

Electronic cigarettes could help with weight control. The growing use of electronic cigarettes as an alternative for tobacco smoking has been a topic of great controversy. Weight gain causes stress and for many, this stress lands them right back to smoking. Break this cycle and stop smoking for good by embracing vaping. Avoid weight gain and stop the serious health issues that smoking cigarettes causes.

E-liquids with food flavours, along with the vapour’s feel and smell could stave off hunger. Therefore, this help people eat less, said Marewa Glover, associate professor from Massey’s School of Public Health. He explained more that, once people stop smoking, they start to eat more, which pushes them to relapse.

Sometimes, we eat because we want to pamper yourself, but often people eat because they’re bored, they’re stressed, or they’re simply looking for something to do. Instead of getting up to get another chip or making a bowl of ice cream, vaping offers our customers something else to do instead.

Another advantage of smoking e-cigarettes is that you can reduce the amount of nicotine you “vape” by gradually moving to lower nicotine e-cigarette cartridges. That’s a lot easier than cutting back on the number of regular cigarettes you smoke.

Further studies need to be undertaken to understand the true benefits vaping could have for people who may gain weight when quitting. This might mean, studying smokers attempting to quit using different methods. Then analysing difference in their weight gain, as well as the effect of different e-liquids on the feeling of fullness and appetite.

If you are overweight and a smoker, quit the tobacco smokes and start vaping. Early research suggests that e-cigarette is safe compared to tobacco smoking. But the long-term health effect of e-cigarette is unknown.


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