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    Anyda Rany
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    Since e-cigarettes become a worldwide trending rapidly around the world, a lot of opinion towards this transition. There is a positive and negative perception among public.

    One of the issue now whether this e-cigarettes can be use at public area or should not?

    As a moderator of JoozeMail, my opinion towards this matter :

    “Government should not banned or prohibit e-cigarettes at public area. This will later makes smoker facing a difficulty and it may put off smokers from using e-cigarettes and so forth turning back to cigarettes.”

    And this subject was actually come with comments from Public Health England (PHE) after a medic at the British Medical Association’s annual meeting in Belfast called for restrictions on places where the e-cigarettes can be used in public.

    But if such a policy was in place, it may put off smokers from using e-cigarettes to help them quit” – PHE said.

    There is no concrete evidence that e-cigarette vapour may be harmful to health as cigarette since vaping is not the same as smoking- Miss Rosanna O’Connor, Director of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco-PHE’.

    However, Dr Ian Kennedy, a consultant in public health from Glasgow, called for restrictions on places where e-cigarettes can be used in public.

    The concern are based reason of there is no confirmation yet on what the precise mechanisms of this e-cigarette and what the long-term harm it will caused.

    He said” An evidence keep coming in . They are truly safer than cigarettes but that does not mean they are completely 100% safe.”

    “We always ask ‘are e-cigarettes safer than cigarettes?’ But I don’t think taking the most harmful man made product as the yardstick for safety is a good idea.

    Based on above opinion, personally I am not really agreed with Dr Ian Kennedy.

    As known, the e-juice is actually made from both mixture of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin).

    PG also play a role as anti-freeze in some drinks and you may also find it in a variety of foods such as salad dressings,food dyes and cake mixes.

    As you can see, digital cigarettes are not the only place you can find PG. It is in a variety of products we use and consume on daily basis. So far we haven’t yet hear any one complain that salad dressing is toxic!

    However, his proposals were carried as a reference, which means its still noted but not made into official BMA policy.


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    In my opinion, vaping is not the same as smoking, second-hand smoke is harmful to health but there is no evidence that e-cigarette vapour carries the same harms. E-cig also won’t bring any smell that would distract the public. So, I think vaping is should not be banned in public.

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