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    A few version on history of vaping you may found out in Internet. But eventually, the basic story are same. Well, some of you will think this trend will not going anywhere. The fact is actually, e-cigs have changed over the years and it become better each of the transition. The transition are evolved along with technology advances and it will continue to improve as well from time to time without full stop.

    An Ordinary Starting

    A guy named Herbert A.Gilbert are the first person who made a patent on electronic cigarette. Refer back to an interview with Mr.Gilbert, it’s obviously inhaling burnt stuff are gross. So that he did an attempt by create a smoking alternative that did not rely on the need for combustion.

    If you have seen Herbert’s patent, that will be look almost exactly like those you see advertised on t.v and you will find the familiar concepts in his patent like heating elements, flavor cartridges and smokeless flavored air.


    Is There E-Cigs during 60s?

    The existence on e-cigs are not really been realized reason of they weren’t really around. No denying that Herbert had a great and amazing idea and invented e-cig technology, but its a matter of time that the world just wasn’t ready. Poorly, the manufacturers he pitched also didn’t feel like manufacturing his idea till the patent expired. It’s not about Herbert are telling lie or cigarette companies weren’t nice people but unfortunately for him, during 60’s , cigarette ads still allowed to be on air and people smoked everywhere.

    And I still remember people are smoking in the Arby’s in the mall during 90’s. The addiction towards cigarettes on that time are really impactful therefore no reason for them to less down. Therefore, unlucky Herbert, his revolutionary invention was ignored and at last his patent was abeyance in the archives until 2003.

    A Dream Comes True – Hon Lik

    A small time medical researcher from China named Hon Lik, hated his smoking addiction cause it was ruining his life and his father died reason of lung cancer. The idea of his e-cigarette actually came to him in his dream. This is a real story.

    At one time, one night, Hon Lik forgot to take his nicotine patch off before bed. This nicotine made his subconscious mind produce a hallucination yet most informative which become dreams of his life. In his dream, he was drowning in a sea. Almost dying, cause his lungs were filling with water. Then, by miracle, the water he was drowning transformed into harmless vapor and allowed him to easily breathe.

    After done a lot of research and trial error, Hon Lik succeed the experiment. He then released his smoking alternative to international public in 2006. His first e-cig invention consist of a battery, a plastic cartridge containing a nicotine blend in propylene glycol and an ultrasonic atomizer.


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