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    Hi! Welcome to Joozemail community forum. Please read our posting rules while you are vaping. Thanks ūüôā

      • Try to keep posts informative, the more information you provide, the better we can help. An informative post will also help other people looking for similar information. You are helping vape community. Thank you! While we aren’t too bothered with replies to posts, try not to just post one word responses to boost your post count. It will be consider as a spam!
      • Try to keep on topic.¬†If you find that something sparks your memory and you need to get it out, post a new topic so that conversation can flow freely on the original topic. Avoid hi-jacking a thread.
      • Personal insults, any methods of bullying, hate speech will not be tolerated.¬†We are a community and everyone is welcome here. You will be warned either via a PM or an Infraction notice. This is entirely up to the Mod or Admin that catches you being naughty. An infraction could limit your ability to create new posts. Too many infractions and you can be banned for several days or indefinitely.
      • DO NOT¬†BUMP posts or bump your post more than 3 times. Post that are bump more than that will be deleted without prior notice.

    Joozemail forum does not and will not allow discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status, or status in employment/unemployment. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed directly to the Admin of the forum by using the report function found on posts or by emailing us using the Contact Us link. Please include the link and post number in the form.

    • DO NOT SHARE YOUR OWN PERSONAL INFORMATION¬†such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. At this current time you do not have this forums permission to share such things in public posts on the forum.
    • DO NOT SHARE THIRD PARTY PERSONAL INFORMATION such as full names, address, phone numbers and email addresses. If you are found to post information in relation to the above methods, it could result in a ban from our forum and legal action may be sought by the affected party. We will do everything we can to protect our members information and the material will be deleted immediately upon discovery.
    • Vendors are NOT allowed to post reviews about your company/product.
    • Do NOT¬†discuss illegal activities on this forum. Joozemail does not endorse any such activity and the Administration/Moderation¬†team will delete or lock any threads/posts which they may feel crosses the line.
    • We love debates! Debate respectfully.¬†Please respect others user and don’t fight! No one wants to get into fights and they benefit no one.
    • Flame wars are silly.¬†While you might not like how one forum or website is ran, you have a choice to NOT visit said forum or website. We are not interested in “forum wars”, “mud slinging”, or calling names. All threads related to flame wars will be locked and/or deleted.

    • If you are borrowing information from any source found on the web that is NOT your own creative content, you must give credit where it is due and a link back if possible to the original source of information.
    • Please only have a single account.¬†People with more than 1 account per IP¬†may be subject to a ban. This is waived in instances where there is more than one person from a single household using our forum such as a husband and wife, siblings, roommates, etc.
    • Verified Account.¬†Please verify account via email before you start posting.
    • NO SALES/TRADES/WANTED¬†ads on the general forum, Ads posted on the general forum will be deleted.¬† This includes posts containing affiliate links or links to sites in your control that contain affiliate links.

    Respect the Admin and Mod team. They are here to keep the forum running smoothly. Do not harass or intentionally annoy the Admin and Mod members.

    • If you do not agree with a decision an Admin or Mod Member has made, it must be discussed privately. Argumentative posts about an Admin or Mods decision based on the ToS of this website will be deleted with out notice.
    • Do not be a backseat moderator. If you see something you feel is “naughty” report the post/thread and let us handle it.

    Joozemail reserves the right to edit, modify, or remove any threads/posts hosted on our website

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