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By September 6, 2017Health, Lifestyle

The smoke generated from the vape itself contain chemicals which may be harmful to children.  Therefore, its clearly not safe to vape when you are surrounded with the kids.

Another serious issue with the e-cigarettes devices are with the e-juice which kids can get poisoned if they drink the liquid either from the devices or from the refills bottle. Even if the liquid gets on their skin, they might be sick. The smell of the e-juice especially those with candy flavor will attract them and they can get sick and cause death as well.

The best way to avoid this incident happen is adviseable for parents to locked up their e-cigs or vaping devices .

You have to be alert on few signs of nicotine poisoning as per listed below :

  • The child look and feels sick
  • Keep throwing up
  • Drooling and sweating
  • The child has dither and fast hearbeat.

But if the child have poisoned by large amounts, the nicotine can cause a seizures or faint off. If this happens, you have to call 911 as soon as possible.

Please be reminded as well, even adults can be poisoned if being in contact too much with nicotine liquid. While do the refill , pelase ensure not to get any solution on your skin. Kindly adviced to throw away the device or the solution by following the disposal instructions stated on the label. This is one of the precautions for kids or pets won’t get to them.

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