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By September 5, 2017Health, Lifestyle

If you are a hardcore smoker, then shall be almost certainly heard about infamous “smoker’s cough”. Referring to history, almost all tobacco users will experienced this.
For most smokers, usually they will stop smoke once this widespread cough getting often. More over,no one can handle suffer periodic fits of coughing all day long starting from the moment he/ she wake up just to gratify the nicotine hunger. If you care on your smoker’s cough, you may need to know and understand well on the causes and the solutions which feasible.


Smoker’s cough are exactly a different type of cough than an usual cough you might experience such as simple cold or even allergies.
Usually we can take medicine for cold and allergy coughs to treating the symptoms and other option is to use cough drops or syrup to relieve the throat. Differently with smoker’s cough which it will resistant disturbing all day long. No matter what it takes and how hard you try, it wont be able to stop.

There are 2 type of situation on these case which casual smoker and heavy smoker. For casual smoker, the cough normally dry and thick but for heavy smoker, the cough getting clear and slimy – meaning it become wet phlegm cough. As known, the phlegm is thickest in the morning as its a part of general coughing process as your body are trying to banish the toxins in your body system.


For better understanding on smoker’s cough, it is important to understand well on the connection between cigarettes and how our lungs react to it. As we known, cigarettes ingredients are just not pure tobacco but its a mixture of thousands type of chemicals. Its been differentiate by flavor, supercharge the nicotine delivery and uptake and some even delivered to increases the addiction to cigarettes and forthwith to nicotine as well. The problem is too many bad chemicals can be affected to human body and our health in cigarettes.
One of the most affected area in human body is a structure in our lungs known as cilia. If you are biology students during high school, then you already known that cilia are those little-hair inside the lungs and their function is to remove out any toxins. They can be treat as cleaning machines since their task is to protect our lungs from any deleterious substances such as cigarette smoke. Its proven the toxin in cigarette smoke can cause these cilia to become paralyzed and at once its unable to perform cleansing tasks in the body.

If this happened, it can caused an instant problem which those toxin will takes over the whole space in your lung since the cilia are no longer able to perform his job- to prevent unnecessary substance stay in lung. The appearance of this unknown entity in the lungs will prompt the auto immune system to create an inflammation reflection as an emergency respond to the toxins. Due to this inflammation, the lungs react by coughing and attempted to evict away the smoke toxins to recover an internal balance.


At the beginning once you have smoker’s cough, you may not take it as a serious matter. In fact, you really should be because its a leads to something even worse.
Mostly, the extra slime that will be in the cough will be the best environment for bacterial breeding and it can cause to bronchial infections which will need an antibiotic treatments. At one point, the cough is capable of producing blood as well and its can be a sign of serious health concern.

Recommended by an experts, there is some steps can be taken to reduce smoker’s cough including by quitting smoking. However, if you still wanted to smoke, you may have to remain hydrated, taking good care of your throat, food preservation and your sleeping hour as well. If you really a health conscious, the best effort to remain healthy is by quit smoking habit.

Millions of former smokers agreed that vaping are the great way to help you to ending your smoker’s cough. They had a best experience which once they switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, by instant the smoker’s cough have gone away and at the same time their breathing and energy level getting better. As a matter of choice, you may try few options offered in market to manage the smoker’s cough. After all, by quit smoking a tobacco cigarettes are the brilliant step for a healthier life.