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By September 13, 2017Health

If you are pregnant or planning to be and at the same time a vapor, it is important for you should know and understand well the effects of vaping while pregnant. As fact, before vape exist, public perspective are negative towards pregnant lady who smoke cause it may harm towards the unborn baby and also cause to another health issue as well.

But after vape has known as a good transition for tobacco smokers and getting more positive comments from the experts, its are getting an eye catching to those smoking pregnant lady to consider to switch to vape instead of tobacco cigarettes. How ever, there are still some concerns about how safe the use of this vape.

This can be a sensitive issue since public and speacialist are still unsure of the real effects of vape overall. The main issue here is to highlight the effects of vaping while pregnant and its related to health issue as well.


Undeniable, the existence period of vape are still new and not long enough in market for scientist and researchers to issue any valid and concrete statement on the effect and how safe it is. Yes vaping allows you an option for zero nicotine content but we cant simply accept vape are 100% safe to be taken while pregnancy period. Some research may lead and guide you to have an answer on this issue.

Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group, an organization on doing a research on this issue, recently released a leaflet to share on this topic. The article is actually been written for healthcare professionals and midwives but if public has it, its awell worth to read.

On a report stated few statistics, around 26% pregnant women be examined in 2015 confess are smoking during their pregancy period. This figure really shock me as for me its quite a huge percentage and it can be harmful to both mother and baby.